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September 2019
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Integrated Panelling System (IPS) technology from leading specialists Washroom Washroom presents itself as an ideal washroom solution to the health, leisure and education sectors.

IPS panelling offers an integrated plumbing system that can be used in a wide range of applications to ensure services are neatly concealed and safe from tampering, providing not only an attractive, clean washroom finish, but also a hygienic and convenient option which is equally easy to facilitate for maintenance.

Available in a number of options to suit individual budgets, materials include the highly resilient, waterproof Solid Grade Laminate (SGL), impact resistant High Pressure Laminate (HPL), self-supporting and durable Melamine Faced Chipboard (MFC) or manufacture from real veneer wood for a prestige finish.

Different sizing options are available, with panels tailor made to fit for an improved appearance, creating a neat finish in washroom areas. IPS panels can be manufactured full length from floor to ceiling, or low level, with a choice of concealed panel fixtures to allow for easy access. Panels can also be printed in a range of colour options to suit individual design specifications.

IPS comes in the choice of pre-plumed or non pre-plumbed, with pre-plumbed systems having services and sanitary ware readily built in for easy onsite installation. This offers significant advantages such as fewer trades onsite, reduced waste and restricted damage due to the consistency and assurance of factory manufacture.

Non pre-plumbed panels offer the same quality and concealment of services, without built in sanitary ware, leaving the option open to contractors.

IPS systems offer a versatile and practical solution for washroom, medical and changing areas. The IPS system proves ideal for health care environments such as hospitals and clinics where high standards of hygiene are paramount, but are equally effective in leisure of education environments where services can be attractively hidden for a sleek finish and concealed from the possibility of tamper or damage.

For more information on any of Washroom Washroom’s products or solutions, visit

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