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November 2020
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Kingspan: The Ultimate Renewables Solutions Provider

Kingspan Renewables, the new brand identity for both Kingspan Solar and Kingspan Hot Water Systems Ltd, will be exhibiting its one-stop-shop for market-leading renewable package solutions at Ecobuild 2011.

Visitors to the show will be able to see the latest new product launches from Kingspan, including its award-winning Varisol – the world’s first modular solar thermal vacuum tube collector; Albion Aerocyl – a dedicated copper hot water cylinder for heat pump and solar input and its latest addition, the Aeromax Plus Air Source Heat Pump.

Also on show will be Thermomax solar thermal vacuum tubes, Kingspan Solar flat plate panels (‘in-roof’ and ‘on-roof’) as well as Range Tribune HE Duplex stainless steel unvented cylinders, including pre-plumbed models for solar input that not only reduce on-site installation time but make the fitting process more straightforward.

Kingspan Renewables Packages Deliver ‘Everything Under the Sun!’

Complementing its wide portfolio of state-of-the-art technologies, Kingspan Renewables will be demonstrating its full package offerings that are custom-designed to suit each application and provide specifiers, installers and end users alike with the ultimate Renewables solution. Customers, both domestic and commercial, can benefit from Kingspan Renewables packages that are tailored to deliver top performance and ultimate results. They include the highest level of customer support from initial advice, through to customised design, installation by Kingspan accredited installers, final commissioning and technical support.

One-Stop Solar Shop:

The latest solar offering from Kingspan Renewables is Varisol – the world’s first modular vacuum tube solar thermal collector. The MCS accredited technology combines a unique design with high performance polymer materials to allow solar thermal vacuum tubes to simply ‘click-fit’ together to create solar thermal collectors of varying sizes. The technology is a modern and adaptable alternative to the rigid manifold system. It incorporates world-leading Kingspan Renewables Thermomax vacuum tubes and retains their top quality performance, whilst delivering total flexibility. This means collectors can be sized to the exact needs of the end user within the space available.

Thermomax vacuum tube collectors are specifically tailored for Northern European climates and deliver an unrivalled transfer of solar energy into heat, providing up to 70 per cent of hot water requirements throughout the year. The vacuum inside each tube provides perfect insulation by protecting the system from outside influences, such as cold, wet or windy weather, resulting in quality performance all-year-round. The vacuum tubes also allow energy from the sun to be collected efficiently and effectively, so that solar-heated water is always readily available.

Kingspan Renewables solar thermal flat plate panels will also be on show at Ecobuild and deliver a cost-effective solution both in domestic and commercial applications, providing excellent levels of efficiency and performance. They are robust, hard-wearing and flexible in installation (with both ‘in-roof’ and ‘on-roof’ options).

Aeromax Plus Air Source Heat Pumps:

The latest addition to the Kingspan Renewables portfolio is the Aeromax Plus Air Source Heat Pump. Specifically designed for use in UK housing applications in Northern European climates, these highly efficient heat pumps can supply up to 100 percent of Space Heating and Domestic Hot Water and can extract heat from temperatures as low as -20C. They have low running costs and can reduce energy bills by as much as 50 percent. The range is available in three outputs (6kW, 8kW and 12kW) to suit individual requirements, and operates to optimum performance all-year-round, providing water temperature up to 60C for both radiator and Domestic Hot Water applications. Aeromax Plus forms part of Kingspan’s Ultimate Air Source Heat Pump package, and is optimally partnered with Albion Aerocyl Heat Pump Only or Heat Pump & Solar Input cylinders.

Hot Water Storage Solutions

Albion Aerocyl Heat Pump Only or Heat Pump & Solar Input cylinders feature purpose-designed coils, which allow maximum heat transfer of renewable energy into stored water. Their fast flow rates are capable of delivering over 45 litres of mains pressure hot water per minute. Fast reheat means hot water is always available, and the high level of insulation minimises heat loss, making the cylinders economical to run. Albion Aerocyl cylinders also have the added benefit of an electric immersion heater for backup. Together, Albion Aerocyl cylinders and Aeromax Plus Air Source Heat Pumps provide the ultimate package for maximum system efficiency.

Kingspan Renewables will also be exhibiting its Range Tribune HE Duplex stainless steel unvented cylinders. They are the ultimate choice for mains pressure hot water, high flow rates, environmentally friendly insulation and low maintenance. Fed directly from the cold water mains, the cylinders deliver fast filling baths and powerful showers with minimal loss of performance when more than one tap is being used at the same time. They are also insulated with 50mm thick HCFC and CFC-free foam, resulting in low standing heat loss and making them economical to run as well as highly efficient. The Tribune HE family is manufactured using Duplex stainless steel to ensure superior endurance and corrosion resistance and is also backed by a fully transferable 25-year guarantee, assuring a long operational life.

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