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August 2019
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Class O Armaflex engineered foam insulation materials, including sheets, tubes and coils are now supplied with built-in anti-microbial protection providing continuous and lifelong protection against the proliferation of potentially infectious agents. These products are particularly appropriate for use in buildings with high occupancy levels, such as offices, hospitals, schools and leisure centres etc, but can be used anywhere to provide added 24/7 protection against harmful microbes such as bacteria, mould and mildew.

The protection is provided by Microban anti-microbial product protection, a proven technology which is incorporated into the manufacturing process of the insulation materials. On contact, this protection penetrates the cell walls of micro organisms, disabling their ability to function, grow and reproduce. Because the anti-microbial protection is an inherent part of the insulation material, the protection provided is permanent and cannot be removed during handling, washing or general wear. The effectiveness of the protection is also maintained in conditions of heat and cold as may be expected in applications for thermal insulation materials.

Microbes are a wide group of often microscopic organisms, which can be responsible for illness and disease in humans, particularly leading to respiratory problems. Given ample food and moisture, any surface can support microbial and bacterial growth. Where left unchecked, this can result in rapid rises in infection counts, which in conjunction with other elements can often collectively contribute to a ‘sick building syndrome’.
The Armaflex products also provide passive protection to supplement and complement the active protection provided by Microban. The passive elements, forming part of the engineered structure of the product, include a closed-cell foam construction which is an effective water vapour barrier. The material is also non-wicking and small surface damage does not compromise the integrity of the barrier. Armaflex is also free of dust and fibrous materials to prevent any combination of mould spores and bacteria which could cause or aggravate respiratory infections. This combination of active and passive protection ensures suitability of the product for use even in sensitive areas.

Class O fire rating is also incorporated into the Armaflex range of products as well as excellent thermal properties, designed for both rectangular and circular ductwork as well as general pipework, flanges and valve boxes. The products are formaldehyde free and protection against UV exposure, impact damage and weathering can also be provided.

Microban® is a registered trademark of Microban Products Company.

Further information is available from:
Armacell UK Ltd, Mars Street, Oldham, Lancashire OL9 6LY

Telephone: 0161 287 7040 Fax: 0161 633 2685


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