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October 2019
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The new ArmaPlus website from Armacell, specialists in flexible rubber insulation, brings together a comprehensive suite of tools designed to provide expert advice and assistance to an international customer base. Online tools include the cornerstone ‘ArmWin AS’, an online calculation engine for determining necessary thicknesses and likely heat losses. This is supplemented by useful consumption calculators and the powerful yet easy to use ‘Specification Builder’ that allows anyone to create unique project specifications using standard pre-defined clauses.

The site operates as an information access portal for consultants, contractors, specifiers, distributors and individual end users. Application and project support is provided in the form of downloadable application manuals and videos together with a detailed technical library, comprising material safety data sheets, an extensive glossary of terms and wide ranging product documentation.

Navigation of the intuitive ArmaPlus site has been simplified by the addition of icons, that provide a distinct visual language. These icons relate to individual tools within the ArmaPlus service and make it even easier to move from service to service.
For more complex queries the ArmaPlus technical support service is always available. Qualified personnel can be contacted on +44 (0) 161 287 7038, or email As well as bespoke calculations or specifications, the support service team can discuss any related technical enquiries, and provide advice and assessments on individual installation problems.

Armacell have set industry standards throughout the world in the field of flexible technical foams covering an extensive range of thermal and acoustic insulation cladding materials, sandwich core and edge protection foams together with custom seals and gaskets. These are designed for wide-ranging applications including:

Preventing the formation of condensation
Absorbing both sound and vibration
Retention of either heat or cold in process lines and equipment

Energy savings and increased plant efficiency can be realised, leading to growth potential in many markets. In fact, success in the global oil and gas business has resulted in the establishment of a separate international team for this market by Armacell.

Further information is available from:
Armacell UK Ltd, Mars Street, Oldham, Lancashire OL9 6LY

Telephone: 0161 287 7040 Fax: 0161 633 2685


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