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August 2019
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Modern commercial buildings are designed to be air-tight and can utilise a system of ducted warm air to maintain comfortable occupancy temperatures. However, un-insulated ductwork is subject to inevitable temperature losses which represent over 50% of the system energy requirements. To help eliminate these losses, Armaflex purpose engineered ductwork insulation can provide both thermal and acoustic properties. Information on these products is provided on a dedicated micro-site, forming part of the Armacell website (

The distribution and continuous re-circulation of ducted filtered air is subject to the gradual accumulation of general pollutants which can lead to breathing difficulties and symptoms of ill health for the building occupants. Typical contaminants can include natural gasses such as carbon dioxide, in addition to harmful volatile organic chemicals (VOCs), industrial fibres, acidic particles and general dust, mould spores and bacteria – which can all contribute towards the impact of ‘sick building syndrome’ identified by illnesses and lost working days.

Armaflex duct system products, however, are purpose designed to provide an easy-to-clean and efficient insulation with zero ratings for ozone depletion and global warming potential. They are suited for applications in schools, hospitals, office complexes and large public buildings, providing combined thermal and acoustic properties to help maintain safe and comfortable environments within workplaces or public areas.
Armaflex products are both clean and efficient, free of dust and fibres, formaldehyde and other dangerous gasses. They also feature a closed-cell structure with an in-built water vapour barrier. This eliminates the possibility of fibre migration and moisture ‘wicking’ with the effect that Armaflex remains dry and mould is denied the moisture it needs to grow. The incorporation of Microban anti-microbial protection enhances the inherent resistance against mould growth to ensure that the quality of the ducted air is not compromised. Highly stable thermal values are maintained, as well as excellent acoustic properties to minimise noise transmission through the ductwork. Combining these attributes reduces overall weight, and minimises both material requirements and costs for system installations.

Further information is available from:
Armacell UK Ltd, Mars Street, Oldham, Lancashire OL9 6LY
Telephone: 0161 287 7040 Fax: 0161 633 2685


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