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October 2020
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CTA (Council Tax Advisors) partners with local councils across the UK – aiming to halve use of bailiffs by 2016

From the consumer’s end, CTA (Council Tax Advisors) come as a godsend to the millions of individuals and businesses that owe Council Tax arrears. Offering free telephone advice and helping clients communicate with their Local Council to set up manageable repayment plans, thousands have turned to CTA after bailiffs have come knocking.

However, in a bold new move, the company has announced that it is now offering its services to Local Councils themselves, in the hope of halving bailiff use by 2016.

The free service will be offered to Councils across the country as an alternative to traditional bailiff enforcement. By not charging any fees at all, CTA’s services are expected to come as a direct benefit to Local Authorities and other debtors.

“Millions of homeowners are in arrears and dozens of businesses each week are forced to shut their doors due to unpaid Council Tax bills. Bailiff action really isn’t the best option and each of our services is designed around avoiding bailiff intervention,” says Chris Richards, Founder of Council Tax Advisors.

Continuing, “We help anyone with our free advice and our paid mediation services usually come in at less than £150. By dealing with major bailiff companies including Equita, Ross & Roberts, Rossendales, we’ve been able to stop their action and negotiate sensible repayment plans on behalf of clients. We’re now turning things on their head and offering to work free of charge with the Local Councils, directly.”

The relationship will be the first of its kind in the United Kingdom, expected to bring relief to many whose lives have been put on temporary hold while potential action is discussed or as it physically takes place.

“Nobody needs a bailiff at their door and their drastic action starts long before they arrive. The threat of bailiffs brings many people stress, worry and directly impacts all areas of their lives. We’re trying to prove that a softer and more calculated reaction can ultimately be more amicable for both sides. Local Councils will save money on resources and, using our expertise, we’ll ensure repayment plans are put in place for them to get the taxes they deserve,” says Richards.

CTA currently has a 98% success rate at stopping bailiff action, with 60% of problems resolved during a single free phone call with the client. Through the company’s new partnerships, these high success rates are set to bring a drastic reduction in the number of bailiffs being put to work.

All interested Local Authority parties are urged to make contact today to set up an initial consultation, free of charge.

For more information, visit:

The company can also be reached via telephone: 01225 667 667.

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