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September 2020
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Road Safety – ‘a skill for life’

Stoke road safety 2013

Stoke road safety 2013

Education plays an important part in everyone’s lives, especially in the early years as young people move into the workplace. Key to this success is staying safe. However, it is a sad fact that road traffic incidents claim countless lives every year.

Road safety is an essential ‘life skill’, traditionally delivered to children throughout their school years by dedicated Local Authority road safety teams, often working in partnership with the Police and Fire Services.

Due to Government cutbacks in public spending, road safety around the UK has taken a significant hit with some services being scaled back or stopped completely. There is however a viable alternative uniquely offered by TTC Road Safety Services (TTC RSS), part of the successful TTC Group of companies.

Experts in the field of road safety

TTC RSS is managed by experts in the field of road safety education who come from a long career in Local Authority road safety. This assures a consistent and thorough approach to road safety delivery within all sectors of our communities.

Road Safety for schools and colleges

Whether a primary school, high school or college, TTC RSS have a programme for most year groups. In the early years training focuses on pedestrian training skills while before going to high school the emphasis shifts to looking at safe and independent travel. As pupils progress towards driving age,  the focus is on developing those essential skills that are necessary to become a safe driver.

Supporting Local Authorities

Local Authorities have gone through some challenging times of late and it is likely that more will follow. TTC RSS are able to support Local Authority road safety teams in a number of ways, for example:

  • Provision of road safety trainers to complement existing teams during periods of high demand
  • Individual road safety schemes, managed and delivered by a TTC RSS professional trainer
  • Provision of a managed road safety service, bespoked to individual requirements
  • Provision of a secure web based road safety management system that will reduce the admin required to manage road safety schemes, such as pedestrian training, cyclists training or a minibus permit scheme

Support for independent schools

Schools that have opted for independent status can now access a comprehensive and personalised road safety service. This can be from a one-off intervention to a suite of initiatives spanning the entire year groups.

Support for businesses

A significant number of collisions occur while drivers are on a work related journey so businesses should manage these risks via a robust policy and instill a ‘road safety’ culture within their company. TTC RSS are able to support businesses in the following way:

  • Development of a road safety policy
  • Provision of in-class or on-road driver development (all vehicle categories)

Minibus driver coaching scheme (with optional permit)

Many organisations operate minibuses primarily driven by well-meaning and enthusiastic volunteer drivers. It is likely that unlike coach drivers, minibus drivers will not have undergone any formal training. A minibus driver coaching scheme, particularly if it is linked to a permit, can be a wise investment as it ensures the best possible steps have been taken to minimise the risks. TTC RSS’s operate a minibus scheme that is flexible and can accommodate anything from a single driver to the large fleet. For those with specific scheme requirements, TTC RSS can accommodate these into a personalised programme with an on-line booking and scheme management system.

Case study 1

City of Stoke on Trent Council was faced with the challenge of delivering pedestrian training to 3,000 primary schoolchildren within a three month period. Due to a severe lack of staffing resources this appeared to be an impossible task until they engaged the services of TTC RSS who:

  • Contacted targeted primary schools
  • Scheduled pedestrian training sessions (managing all school and trainer bookings)
  • Recruited, trained and monitored local road safety trailers (all came from a teaching or road safety background)
  • Delivered pedestrian training to 3,000 children, on time and within budget
  • Case study 2

Wirral Council contracted TTC RSS to deliver the practical driver assessment and coaching element of their minibus scheme. As well as recruiting, training and monitoring local minibus assessors, they provided the road safety team with a web-based programme management system that has streamlined their administrative processes and provided a 24/7 on-line booking service for participants of the scheme.

Case study 3

Warwickshire County Council wanted to run some cyclists training to encourage cycling to work. TTC RSS wrote an innovative in-class and on-road course, managed the bookings and course delivery, providing a seamless service for the council and their client.

We’d love to hear from you

If you would like to invest in any element of road safety, from a single scheme to a fully managed service, or you are a business wanting to develop a road safety culture, you can contact us in a number of ways:

01952 607 187


Adrian Hide, Director TTC Road Safety Services

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