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July 2022
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Lockable trolley ‘removes risk’

A new lockable cleaning trolley system designed for high-risk healthcare environments is already proving its worth at a hospital in a major NHS trust. The lockable trolley system

The new system and equipment, supplied through Jigsaw Cleaning Systems, is being used on Magnolia Ward in Yeovil, part of the Somerset Partnership NHS Foundation Trust.

The trolleys are made from high-impact strength plastic, which offers lockable compartments and are designed to enhance storage efficiency.

David Dodd, Facilities manager for the Trust, said: “The trolleys have been purchased to help the service assistants deliver an efficient and very importantly a safe service ensuring that the cleaning chemicals used are safely locked away to prevent any patient inadvertently having an accident with them.”

The compartments of the trolley – manufactured in Italy by the product specialist Filmop – can accommodate various kinds of cleaning products and are colour coded to reflect different materials and fluids.

Brian Boll, systems director at Jigsaw Cleaning Systems, said: “The methods and equipment for cleaning in modern healthcare settings are changing and the lockable trolley offers huge benefits in a high-risk environment whilst offering efficiencies all round.”

Brian Boll

Brian Boll

The Somerset Partnership NHS Foundation Trust provides a wide range of integrated community health, mental health, learning disability and social care services to people of all ages.

The Department of Health has recently released figures which show that NHS spending on cleaning last year was up £40.7m to £937.9m.

A new specification on cleaning in hospitals was published last year by the Department of Health, National Patient Safety Agency and the British Standards Institution.

New anti-bacterial trolley system is a first

A major breakthrough in the battle against bacteria has been made with the launch of the first anti-bacterial cleaning trolley system to the UK market. 

The A-B Plus Anti-Bacterial System, launched by Jigsaw Cleaning Systems and developed by Filmop, offers a total solution to infection control in cleaning and is also resistant to chlorine, often a damaging agent in healthcare environments. 

The count of bacteria – the source of infections such as Norovirus, E-coli and Salmonella – goes consistently down when it comes into contact with the trolley system. 

Using this system means the cleaning of hospitals and other healthcare premises is hygienic and bacteria-free and is particularly relevant for high-risk areas such as operating theatres, infection disease wards and intensive care units. 

Institutions such as nursing homes, schools and universities, and areas in airports, shopping malls and large public spaces can all be cleaned with the same bacteria-free benefits. 

James Blackhurst, managing director of Jigsaw Cleaning Systems, said: “This system offers an anti-bacterial system in the trolley and all its parts even down to the tyres and the screws. 

“We’re hugely excited about it and, working with Filmop, we think we can offer a new solution to this issue which has presented so many problems to healthcare and other institutions. 

“The cleaning equipment and materials used through this process are a key element in keeping out bacteria and we believe this can make a real difference.” 

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