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October 2021
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Capita: We care what people say

Salford Council’s service

Salford City Council exists to serve its residents and provides a comprehensive range of services and facilities.

The council’s mission statement is ‘’to create the best possible quality of life for the people of Salford’’.

Many of its services are high profile and include aspects of education, social services and health, land use planning, libraries, physical communications and community safety.

Salford Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) commissions high quality services to enable their population to live longer healthier lives.

Salford City Council and Salford Clinical Commissioning Group (formerly Primary Care Trust) has provided a language service within the community since1995, when approximately seven languages were spoken across the city.

Since 1995, the number of languages spoken in Salford has increased significantly, and there are now approximately 40 languages spoken across the city.

Capita Translation and Interpreting (Capita TI) has provided language services to Salford City Council and Salford CCG since 2009. In 2012, the council undertook a procurement process and we now provide services as part of the Shared Business Service Framework.

‘’Capita Translation and Interpreting enables us to effectively undertake our work by increasing the number of people accessing and receiving our services in Salford’’.

Deborah Siddique
Principal Officer – Commissioning
Salford City Council

The services Capita provide include:
Face to face

Information leaflets

Capita TI’s translation and interpreting service has enabled Salford City Council and Salford CCG to ensure the non-English speaking people of Salford are aware of council and the health care services and treatment options available to them.

This form of effective communication has led to increased access amongst the non-English speaking communities of Salford to services they were not previously aware of.

Council services

Over the past four years, the provision of language services provided by Capita TI has assisted Salford City Council in enabling the delivery of a wide range of services to their customers including:

Adult social care
Welfare rights
Safeguarding vulnerable adults
Children’s services
Child protection
Foster placements
Housing services
School & education services
Environmental & community safety services
Health improvement
Public health

Healthcare services

An example of the effectiveness of our service has been the production of information for key healthcare providers, and its dissemination by our Relationship Manager. This approach led to a significant increase in the uptake of the dental services provided by Salford CCG.

We are proud that our service has had a positive effect on asylum seekers and refugees, particularly those who arrive in the UK in need of psychological support. In one area, it was necessary to deliver this service in costly, specialist centres. However, the combination of effective communication and the compassion provided by our highly professional, committed interpreters has enabled us to deliver this service at local GP practices. This has helped to stabilise some of the most vulnerable people in our communities whilst reducing costs for our client.
Service delivery

The service we have provided is highly responsive, flexible and tailored to the specific needs of our client.

Our interpreters attend assignments at a time and location specified by the council or health professional and they also attend home visits and residential care visits for the purpose of Home Assessments.

On one occasion, one of our interpreters attended a funeral in order for a non-English speaking family member to feel involved and part of the service.

Whenever possible, we allocate the same interpreter to attend a number of appointments for the same   non-English speaking person. This ensures consistency and encourages the non-English speaker to feel as comfortable as possible. It also enables the non-English speaker to gain confidence regarding the council’s communication process.

Our dedicated Relationship Manager is the point of contact regarding day to day operations, queries, concerns, training, regular face to face meetings and performance reviews.

Relationship Managers provide regular updates for the council and CCG regarding booking requests, they also issue monthly management information and handle ad-hoc management information requirements such as Freedom of Information requests.

Quarterly management reviews are held in order to discuss overall satisfaction of service and continuous improvement.

Outlined above are examples of the positive outcomes it is possible to achieve, when organisations understand and work in partnership with each other.

We care what people say, so why not contact us to discuss your translation and interpreting requirements on 0845 367 7000 or email

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