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January 2020
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SNG Commercial Launches Muvo Professional – new laundry brand with the quality of brand leaders that can add to your bottom line

PURE Senses WH Liquid

PURE Senses WH Liquid

muvo pro bio and non bio group

muvo pro bio and non bio group

SNG Commercial Ltd has launched Muvo Professional, a new range of laundry and dishwashing products which have the integrity of the brand leaders but at a more commercially viable price point.

Available in a variety of formats and sizes to cater for businesses of all sizes, the professional range will initially offer a selection of laundry detergents, fabric conditioners and dishwashing tablets. Additional products will be added to the professional range as SNG Commercial continues to develop and adapt its formulas. In addition, SNG Commercial can develop and supply own label products for a number of categories, from household cleaning and laundry to cosmetics and shampoos.

The full range includes:

      Muvo Professional liquid (bio and non-bio) – available in 5L – 25L

Muvo Professional power capsules (bio and non-bio) – available in 50 – 100 packs

Muvo Professional dishwasher tablets – available in 30 – 100 packs

Muvo Professional dishwasher cleaning fluid – available in 5L – 10L

Muvo Professional rinse aid – available in 5L – 10L

Senses Professional fabric conditioner (two-fragrance varieties including for sensitive skin)  – available in 5L – 25L

Tracey Watson, Head of Commercial Sales for Muvo Professional, said: “We’re excited to be officially launching the new range of professional products which we believe will add real value to businesses in a variety of sectors from facilities management and office products to care homes and hospitals.

“Our products have performed as well as the brand leaders in independent tests so we are confident in the quality of the formulas. We wanted to develop a range of products that not only give great results, but are more commercially viable too.”

For more information contact Tracey Watson on or 0800 098 8065.

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