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July 2022
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allpay Launches Event Driven Payment Analytics

Real-Time Payment Notifications provide real-time updates on card acceptance transactions

Payment specialist allpay limited, has launched Event Driven Payment Analytics. Real-time payment notifications now provide instant updates on card acceptance and payment transactions.

Teejay Townsend, card acceptance product manager allpay explains: “We are now offering this new feature to update organisations instantly on payments made over the internet, via our mobile app or over the phone. This is of particular benefit for bill payers, as it prevents them being chased needlessly for payments they have already made.

“Previously, a payment information file (PIF) would be sent to the receiving organisation within 24 hours but for urgent, time sensitive payments for court fines or eviction notices for example, this may be too slow or even too late. Real-time notification could also stop tenants being charged for rent areas if they have already paid too and, it is also helpful when paying deposits, as systems and customer balances can be kept up to date as bills are paid.  PIF files will still be available as usual the next working day.

“Real-Time Payment Notifications cover successful payments, declined payments and refunds. In addition to providing a better service to customers, the implementation of Event Driven Payment Analytics can cut the resources required to recover late payments, as staff are acting on the most up to-date information.

“Event Driven Analytics is now available for a small one-off fee and low monthly cost. We hope this new real-time payment notification service will be helpful for government organisations and housing associations taking regular payments, to ensure that they are always able to respond to the most up to date information available for the benefit of their users.”

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