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May 2022
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Trueman Change are delighted to announce the launch of their new change methodology, derived from the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic – The Trueman Change Way. This is a people-first approach, created from the lessons learned during the COVID-19 pandemic and implemented into change accelerator programmes to ensure transformation can continue to happen faster and more compassionately for cost-effective, sustainable outcomes.

Prior to the pandemic, change in large, complex public sector organisations was often slow, clunky and expensive. It was common for organisations to run over time and budget, damage morale, and not get the outcomes they needed. During covid, large scale change and transformation happened at pace, and Trueman Change have been conducting research, interviews and evaluations into how this happened.

This has resulted in the development of a new methodology and a change accelerator programme, designed to support organisations to kick start future change and transformation taking this recent learning and best practice, and embedding it at the heart of all future change.

To celebrate our new methodology we have designed and implemented a new Change Readiness Report Tool which helps change leaders to assess how ready for change they really are.  It is a free 5-minute sense check on change in organisations, which then provides a full report scoring key areas which are known to be fundamental to good change management in a post covid world.  When done well, change is empowering, exciting and impactful.  Good change happens when organisations have the right components in place.  Our free tool checks against these components:

        1.  Clarity, so everyone knows what needs to change and why

        2.  Putting people at the heart of change (not process)

        3. Getting it done, with the right resources, culture and leadership

Within 5 minutes, public sector organisations answer 12 yes or no questions and the results are generated instantly, providing a sleek report with feedback to enhance their change readiness score. We offer a free 20-minute consultation to leaders who book a call with us to discuss options moving forward.

Our methodology – The Trueman Change Way – was created in response to managing change during the pandemic.  In 2020, we wrote a white paper ‘Lessons Learned: Managing Change During the COVID-19 Crisis.’ This insightful paper captured the lessons learned during that period and highlighted six themes that were evident in all successful change programmes: Purpose, Clarity, Humanity, Collaboration, Action and Perseverance.  Throughout the following year, Trueman Change ran a series of free online Change Chat events to understand this further. The Change Chat events discussed planning and delivering change throughout COVID.  The expert speakers – public sector leaders from around country – and guests discussed in depth these six attributes and how they impacted positively on both organisations and communities.

That year of research was used to form the foundations of Trueman Change’s new methodology – The Trueman Change Way. Lucy Trueman, Managing Director, explains why she created this new approach to change:

“Change is constant, and now that we have experienced ‘what good change looks like’ we cannot afford to go back to old bureaucratic ways that affect morale and do not deliver. Our people-first methodology drives change faster and more compassionately for cost-effective, sustainable outcomes. It is humanistic and ensures a sense of purpose is established and communicated continuously, enabling change to happen effectively. It is important that we get this right as we care about the communities we support, and we want to see them thrive because of the difference we have been able to make.”

Andrew Grant, Interim Chief Executive for Castle Point Borough Council, an expert speaker on Trueman Changes’ Change Chat event in May 2021, concurred:

“Leadership that can successfully inspire, motivate and drive change meaningfully is largely dependent on good cultural alignment and clarity in communication. The Trueman Change Way methodology is about getting these attributes right first, as it not only focusses on what people need to know and do to enable change to happen, but it also encourages exploration into how people feel, and what they believe, to establish a shared sense of purpose.”

The Trueman Change Way methodology has been incorporated into a selection of Trueman Change’s smart solutions, including a new Change Accelerator Programme, and a free Change Readiness Report tool.  Lucy Trueman’s first book on managing change post-COVID will be published soon. This book introduces the Trueman Change Wheel and its six ingredients for positive change.


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