June 2024


Fusion21 invites bids for £820 million Heating, Renewables and Electrical Framework

Procurement organisation and social enterprise Fusion21 has announced the fourth generation of its national Heating, Renewables and Electrical Framework worth up to £820 million over four years and is now inviting bids from interested contractors of any size, providing local, regional or national coverage.

This framework is being setup to help the owners of domestic and non-domestic buildings to ensure they are safe and compliant in respect of heating and electrical installations and to support their journey to carbon net zero.

Alongside traditional heating installations and electrical testing/works it also covers innovative technologies dedicated to sustainable heating solutions (including ground source and air source heating) and quality assurance audits. The framework is specifically designed to support public sector organisations, including housing, education, and healthcare providers.

Split into a total of ten lots, the structure is:

  1. Lot 1 Domestic Heating (Combustibles)
  2. Lot 2 Domestic Heating (Electric)
  3. Lot 3 Domestic Heating – Air source heat pump (ASHP)
  4. Lot 4 Domestic Heating – Ground source heat pump (GSHP)
  5. Lot 5 Commercial Heating (GSHP)
  6. Lot 6 Commercial Heating (All)
  7. Lot 7 Electrical Testing
  8. Lot 8 Electrical Works
  9. Lot 9 Solar PV & Battery Storage
  10. Lot 10 Quality Assurance Audits

Peter Francis, Executive Director of Operations at Fusion21 said: “Due to launch in January 2024 and developed in response to member and supply chain feedback, we’ve streamlined previous lots to create a new generation of the framework which combines a full heating offer, renewable technology, quality assurance audits and two electrical lots. We welcome bids from all organisations, large or small, to provide specialist services for our members.

“Fusion21 members can access a compliant, efficient, and quality framework, whilst benefitting from greater cost efficiencies, flexible call-off options, including direct award, and geographical coverage across the UK down to a regional and local level. As with all of Fusion21’s frameworks, the Heating, Renewables and Electrical Framework will also support members to deliver social value they can see in communities, aligned with their organisational priorities.”

Tender applications are welcome from interested organisations that meet the criteria set out in the tender documentation, now available on the Delta e-Sourcing Portal via the following link:


The submission deadline is Monday 30 October 2023.

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