February 2024


How Swindon Council Improved Procurement Efficiency and Cost Savings with Matrix Workforce Management Solutions

Introduction: In July 2018, Swindon Council embarked on a transformative journey in partnership with Matrix Workforce Management Solutions to address long-standing procurement challenges. Through a strategic collaboration, this case study delves into the successful transition from a master vendor solution to a neutral vendor model. The study highlights the problems faced by Swindon Council, the innovative solution devised by Matrix, and the remarkable outcomes achieved.

The Problem: For over 16 years, Swindon Council grappled with a Master Vendor solution that led to a concerning predicament. Over 50% of services were being procured off-contract, leading to inflated costs, lack of standardised processes, and compromised quality control. The absence of an effective tracking mechanism hindered proper management of services and posed potential quality risks.

The Solution: Recognising the need for a comprehensive solution, Matrix proposed a tailored Neutral Vendor managed service model. Collaborating closely with Swindon Council, Matrix ensured that the solution aligned seamlessly with their objectives. The implementation, conducted within an eight-week timeframe, was marked by the successful onboarding of all off-contract expenditures. This swift action yielded immediate and substantial cost savings. Through the standardisation of processes, a clearer view of spending patterns emerged, enabling better decision-making and allocation of resources. Furthermore, adherence to compliance protocols significantly reduced the risks associated with off-contract expenditures.

The Outcome: The transition from the traditional master vendor model to the innovative neutral vendor approach proved to be a resounding success for Swindon Council. By effectively addressing the challenge of off-contract spending, the council experienced noteworthy cost savings, streamlined processes, and elevated service quality. This shift not only positively impacted the financial bottom line but also bolstered service delivery and vendor management.

Key Results: Matrix’s partnership with Swindon Council yielded impressive results:

  • Over £4.5 million in cost savings
  • Creation of more than 4,000 placements
  • An average of 10 candidates per order
  • An exceptional fulfilment rate of 99%
  • An impressive 220% expansion of the supply chain

Conclusion: The collaboration between Swindon Council and Matrix Workforce Management Solutions stands as a testament to the potential for innovation and efficiency in the public sector. Through a well-designed transition from a Master Vendor to a Neutral Vendor model, the council achieved substantial savings, enhanced service quality, and improved vendor management. This case study serves as an inspiring example of how strategic partnerships can drive positive change and deliver tangible results in complex procurement environments.

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