July 2024


Genetec adds CAPSS 2023 certification to cybersecurity credentials

First manufacturer to be recognised for unified video and access control software

Genetec Inc. (“Genetec”), a leading technology provider of unified security, public safety, operations, and business intelligence solutions, has announced it is the first manufacturer to achieve the Cyber Assurance for Physical Security Systems (CAPSS) 2023 standard, for unified video and access control software. The specific solutions to be granted CAPSS approved status are Genetec Security Center Omnicast™, Genetec Security Center Synergis™ and the Genetec Synergis™ Cloud Link.

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Unlike its competitors, Genetec does not rely on third party integrations to provide video and access control through a single interface. This is significant as it not only streamlines deployment and maintenance of the system but also simplifies the process of CAPSS recertification for all parties.   

In the UK, the prestigious CAPSS programme is jointly written by the UK’s two technical authorities; the National Protective Security Authority (NPSA) and National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC). It was introduced in recognition that cyber-attacks are an ever-increasing threat to critical national infrastructure and aims to set the gold standard for the cybersecurity of physical security systems.  

CAPSS certified technology is a requirement for high security government projects and is increasingly being specified in tenders for other critical national infrastructure (CNI) sectors, such as telecoms. It gives security managers confidence that the software and hardware solutions they select have strong and effective cyber mitigations at the core of their development and operation.

“Our Certification with CAPSS and equivalent standards is an essential element in demonstrating our comprehensive approach to cyber resilience,” explains Mathieu Chevalier, Principal Security Architect and Manager at Genetec. “Customers can be sure that the cybersecurity of physical security is hard baked into the design of our solutions”.

“We’re thrilled that consultants, channel partners and end users can now confidently specify Genetec for any deployment in which CAPSS certification is mandated or desired,” adds Paul Dodds, Country Manager, UK & Ireland at Genetec. “We are already very well established in the government and CNI sectors, where there’s a great need for trusted unified video and access control software that enhances cyber resilience.”  

CAPSS is the latest in a growing list of certifications held by Genetec that demonstrate its unwavering commitment to cybersecurity and privacy. Others include ISO 27001 and 27017, the UL 2900-2 – level 3 standard, SOC 2 Type II and the European Privacy Seal.

For more information, about Genetec and its accreditations, please visit the Genetec Compliance Portal: Genetec Compliance Portal

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