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July 2019
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Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise Dynamic Tour held in London.

Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise Dynamic Tour took place at Central Hall, Westminster, London on the 4th October, GPSJ editor Stuart Littleford attended the event which included a live demonstration of the OpenTouch converged multimedia communications solution which brings together multiple parties across multiple devices and on multiple media. […]

An interview with Mark Hunter MP

Mark Hunter MP ( Cheadle) speaks about the economy, VAT increase, child grooming and more.

Crime falls in GMP force area

Crime in Greater Manchester has fallen by more than 11 per cent in the last year, resulting in almost 30,000 fewer victims. Figures released today, Thursday 20 January 2011, show there have also been significant reductions in burglary, vehicle crime, robbery and gun crime.

BNP tells GPSJ politicians hate us

BNP leader Nick Griffin tells GPSJ they are hated by the politicians and people should vote for them as a protest against the political elite. Stuart Littleford speaks with Mr Griffin in Oldham as part of the coverage of the By-election. […]

UKIP leader talks to GPSJ

UKIP leader Nigel Farage tells GPSJ what the have to offer voters in the Oldham East & Saddleworth By-election. He tells Stuart Littleford that a good manufacturing base is key to economic stability. […]

Nick Clegg tells GPSJ the government is taking cybercrime very seriously

Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg tells GPSJ that the government is taking cybercrime seriously in 2011. He was speaking to Stuart Littleford on a visit to Oldham in support of Elwyn Watkins for the upcoming by-election. […]

Health Secretary tells GPSJ he is confident of 'swine flu' advice

Health secretary Andrew Lansley tells GPSJ that he is happy with the way the swine flu crisis is being handled and with the advice he has been given for the under 5’s. He also said patients will benefit from GP’s controlling budgets. […]

Nick Clegg visits Oldham in run up to the By-election

Nick Clegg visited Oldham Training Centre along with Elwyn Watkins in the run up to the Oldham East and Saddleworth By-election. […]

Officers save Man's life

A man who collapsed whilst walking home from work in the snow has thanked the people who saved his life today. Mike Ashton from Kingsdown near Sittingbourne had been walking in sub-zero temperatures early last Saturday morning (4 December) when his body temperature dipped so low he collapsed in an orchard at Chilton Manor Farm, off Highsted Lane, Rodmersham. […]

Miliband tells GPSJ – I feel sick about what the government has done to our schools

David Miliband has told GPSJ that he ‘feels sick’ about what the government has done to the ‘Building for Schools’ program and sais he felt it was ‘absolute vandalism’ in an interview with editor Stuart Littleford. Speaking at a party meeting in Manchester Mr Milliband also said that ‘New Labour’ wasn’t new any more and labour politics needed re-inventing and what really mattered was the substance. […]

Is the Government tendering processes a hindrance to the public sector cuts?

Stuart Littleford speaks with Jeremy Galpin, Sales Director of De Poel Consulting. Prior to joining de Poel, Jeremy spent nine years working for one of the UK’s largest recruitment groups. Having worked initially in operations, Jeremy then progressed to a corporate business development role where he was responsible for delivering group recruitment solutions to some of the UK’s largest logistics and manufacturing companies. […]

Top economist Roger Bootle warns UK house price to fall another 35% in 2010

Top economist Roger Bootle warns UK house price to fall another 35% in 2010. In an interview with Nigel Pivaro for the Government & Public Sector Journal Roger Bootle warns that house prices are set to fall dramatically next year and we are still a long way from seeing the end of the recession. Nigel asks him some interesting questions after reading Rogers new book ‘The Trouble With Markets’. […]