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October 2009
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Shredding Fraud into a Green Opportunity.

Jim Watson, the managing director of Shred Easy, one of the UK’s largest confidential data shredding companies, discusses advances in shredding technology and the benefits of recycling confidential data. According to Home Office figures, identity fraud is costing the UK £1.7billion a year – that’s £35 a head for the entire population. It’s hardly surprising when roughly 60 million people in the UK use sheets of paper to exchange information. […]

Inclusion begins at home – Web 2.0 services

The rapid growth of is forcing more and more public sector organisations to rethink their internal and external communication strategies, both on and offline. John Glover, director for INOVEM, explains the powerful role technology can play in including key stakeholders in consultations and collaborative decision making […]

Right Place, Right Care, Right Time

In July 2008 the government published the final report of Lord Darzi’s Next Stage Review, High Quality Healthcare for All, which spelt out a long term vision of an NHS that is high quality, personalised and clinically led. With public finances now under pressure, the Department of Health’s clear policy position is that high quality, safe care is cost effective and can deliver efficiency savings. […]

Top Ten Tips For Cheaper Commercial Electricity

The cost of gas and electricity has never been higher so it is no surprise that public sector organisations of all types and sizes are looking at ways to cut down on consumption. What many are also waking up to is that there is no such thing as customer loyalty with UK energy suppliers and – by staying with one supplier from one year to the next – you will end up paying more expensive rates. The difference between ‘new customer’ and ‘repeat business’ electricity rates, for example, can mean a saving of £2,000 a year for a non-domestic building using an average 25,000 kilowatt hours. […]

Carbon Reduction

The Carbon Reduction Commitment (CRC), a mandatory emissions trading scheme, starts in April 2010. The legislation covers organisations – including public sector bodies – with an energy bill of £500,000 or more. Allowances need to be purchased to cover the average total energy consumption. […]

Interim Managers – leading public sector change

The public sector is under intense pressure to cut spending, increase services and improve efficiencies. In his budget the chancellor Alastair Darling demanded £600m of savings next year and £5.5bn worth of savings over the current spending review period. […]

Equiniti announces major business win

Leading software and services provider Equiniti ICS, part of the Equiniti Group has been awarded a multi-million pound contract to provide a complex case and complaints management solution for the Independent Police Complaints Commission (IPCC). […]

Treviglas College – a distinguished guest

Treviglas College – distinguished guest […]

Voltage Optimisation

A drive by government to reduce carbon emissions is affecting county councils as new legislation soon comes into force. Voltage optimisation addresses this issue while also significantly reducing energy costs. […]

Hair Tests

Long term substance misuse, ie drugs and alcohol, is not a new problem in the UK, but it is an escalating one. The National Addiction Centre recently claimed that more than three million British children now live in households where at least one of the parents is a binge drinker and one million are living with at least one parent who abuses drugs. […]

Jablite Invests in Expansion

The appointment of David Patrick as Commercial Strategy Manager, by Vencel Resil, producer of the well-known Jablite range of insulation, signals the company’s intentions to achieve ambitious new expansion targets over the next three years. […]

NetApp Helps Greater Manchester Police Bring Law and Order to Storage

Greater Manchester Police (GMP) is one of the 43 police forces in England and Wales. Covering an area of 500 square miles in northwest England, it serves a population of two and a half million and employs 12,586 people across 15 main sites. Its duties cover all the main areas of law enforcement. […]

Opening the lines of communication

Gail Franks is managing director of Summersault Communications, the employee and customer communication specialist whose clients include Danone, Lincolnshire County Council, Severn Trent Water and Siemens. […]

Recruiting Private Sector Talent a priority

More than 80% of public sector organisations believe skills shortages in their organisation would be best filled by private sector workers, according to a new survey from leading recruitment company Hays. Employers based across public services divisions including education, central and local government, housing, the NHS, charities and not-for-profit stressed concern about lack of commercial talent, while 47% of respondents said there are widespread skill shortages generally and this needs to be addressed in order for quality services to be delivered. […]