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December 2009
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Engineering the right kind of change with transformational steering groups

No local authority can hope to comply with central government requirements for improved service to customers and cost cuts without effecting not just change but transformation. Today, in response to this pressing and urgent need, more and more local authorities have set up, or are in the process of setting up, transformational steering groups (TSGs). […]

Don't mention the C-word

You can’t go 10 minutes without a politician banging on about the looming cuts to public sector spending. What you won’t hear is anyone explaining how we are actually meant to find and deliver these savings. The word cuts has quickly switched from banned to election winning, but there is another C-word that politicians and senior civil servants must embrace if we are going to get through the next few years without decimating our services. That word is commissioning. […]

Management Consulting In The NHS

The National Health Service has enjoyed an unprecedented increase in real funding over the last ten years. But the fallout from the banking crisis, recession and subsequent public sector debt suggests a far bleaker outlook. […]

Accio Group providing cost effective structures

Many organisations continue to use conventional construction methods to satisfy their expansion requirements. However, certain procedures involved in the traditional build process not only impact on the environment, but can cause major disruption to business activities, employees and visitors. […]