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January 2010
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Why backhanders and brown envelopes are not best for defence businesses

With the perception that bribery in some countries is as commonplace and accepted a practice as bartering, why should any change of law in Britain affect how business is conducted overseas? John Burbidge-King, anti-corruption expert and CEO of Interchange, explains how the forthcoming Bribery Bill will be a wake-up call to those involved in arranging defence contracts at home and abroad. […]

How online outplacement will help in tough cost-cutting times

The huge challenges facing the public sector over the next few years to cut spending will regrettably mean redundancies for many public sector workers. Faced with this painful course of action, organisations of all shapes and sizes from local authorities, NHS health trusts and Government agencies will want to make it as painless as possible for all concerned, and do what they can to smooth the path to a new job for their ex-employees. […]

Why educational institutions will look to partner with the private sector

Job-hunters are often doubly disadvantaged during a recession. School leavers and recent graduates cannot gain the work experience they need to develop the skills that will help them secure a position. […]

Organisational development in the NHS

It is doubtful whether any industry has seen more change in recent years than healthcare. Arif Ahmed, Managing Director of ikonami, examines the impact of these changes and how HR and Learning & Development (L&D) professionals in the NHS can better manage organisational development. […]