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August 2011
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How to restrain an investigation

Ask for media queries to be submitted under the Freedom of Information Act or the Environmental Information Regulations. This gives you longer to process them. […]

Cardboard & Paper Scheme Launched in Tandridge

Residents of Tandridge can now recycle both mixed paper and cardboard at any one of 50 new recycling banks provided by Palm Recycling, the result of a new contract with the local District Council. […]

Preserving frontline police services with speech recognition

The austerity measures have caused ripples across all sectors -including policing. The Emergency Budget and Government Spending Review led to cuts in policing budgets of around 20% over the life of this Parliament. At the same time, demands on the service continue to increase as financial discontent leads to large scale protests, such as the recent TUC march against spending cuts, hijacked by anarchists with damaging effect. […]

Have you been hacked this month?

I’m assuming the majority of people are sitting smugly reading this thinking ‘of course I haven’t!’ You do everything you’re supposed to do, right? You’ve installed a firewall, you’ve got some anti-virus software, you never follow links in emails or open attachments from someone you don’t know or trust. Well, that’s all very commendable but unfortunately it isn’t you that’s been hacked. It’s your information stored by the companies you trust that’s been compromised. […]

Home Secretary appears to be in denial as to the seriousness of recent rioting

After a night of possibly the worst rioting ever seen in the UK, Home Secretary Theresa May seems to be in some denial about the seriousness of the situation and has no answers on how this can be addressed properly after returning home early from her summer break to confront the situation. […]