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September 2011
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Debbie Abrahams MP – GPSJ Interview

Stuart Littleford: What do you think the labour party needs to do to secure a victory in the next general election and do you feel the state of the economy at the moment is the fault of the last Labour government?Debbie Abrahams MP: I think we need to do what we are starting to do around the ‘Refounding Labour Initiative’ which is what we should be doing all the time, engaging with communities and identifying their needs and issues and responding to them in the policies we develop. There is a big push on this now and the shadow cabinet team are going around the country to feed in ideas from local people. […]

Period of growth in waste and energy development is celebrated at WRG and FCC

WRG is celebrating the outcomes of an 18-month drive to enhance its portfolio of more sustainable and efficient waste management and renewable energy generation options. […]

Ground-breaking legal service will help councils to help taxpayers

Expert Answers, which has an online team of solicitors and barristers, is planning to team up with councils across the country to offer their unique service that allows customers to choose what they pay for their legal advice. […]

Have you been hacked this month?

I’m assuming the majority of people are sitting smugly reading this thinking ‘of course I haven’t!’ You do everything you’re supposed to do, right? You’ve installed a firewall, you’ve got some anti-virus software, you never follow links in emails or open attachments from someone you don’t know or trust. Well, that’s all very commendable but unfortunately it isn’t you that’s been hacked. It’s your information stored by the companies you trust that’s been compromised. […]