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July 2019
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Getting Localism Right

Paul Connolly

Localism: seen by many as the answer to almost every local government question.

With good reason. Councils are close to the communities they serve. They are more immediately accountable to citizens than Whitehall departments, able to respond faster to what communities want.

And localism has the wind in its sails, as evidenced […]

National Infrastructure Plan Response – Management Consultancies Association welcomes the plan but laments “Missed Opportunities”

The Government’s latest refresh of its National Infrastructure Plan has been welcomed by MCA Think Tank Director, Paul Connolly. However, Connolly expressed some disappointment at the lack of ambition in some of the recommendations.

“The Government’s focus on infrastructure after decades of neglect is very welcome. Yet since publishing its Plan for the first time […]

Chronic underinvestment in UK infrastructure claims MCA

UK infrastructure is a paradox. We have world-renowned capabilities in architecture, engineering and construction. Yet, with some exceptions, like the Olympics and Crossrail, our record at creating business, service and communications infrastructure is a best indifferent. There is chronic underinvestment. We need to spend around £500bn to bring the UK’s transport, energy and telecoms networks […]

A Long-term low carbon energy STRATEGY is vital for A prosperous UK

An urgent remodelling of the UK’s energy infrastructure is vital if the country wants to decarbonise without -the lights going out and not be reliant on imported energy supplies, says a new report by the Smith School of Enterprise and the Environment (SSEE) at the University of Oxford. […]

Right Place, Right Care, Right Time

In July 2008 the government published the final report of Lord Darzi’s Next Stage Review, High Quality Healthcare for All, which spelt out a long term vision of an NHS that is high quality, personalised and clinically led. With public finances now under pressure, the Department of Health’s clear policy position is that high quality, safe care is cost effective and can deliver efficiency savings. […]