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June 2019
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Police and health services working to help people with mental health needs

Support Worker Nicholas Blunt, PC Michael Clarke, Specialist Mental Health Practitioner Louise Shaw

Greater Manchester Police (GMP) and local health services are working in partnership to help people with mental health needs who frequently come into contact with the police.

A 12 month pilot will see mental health professionals from Pennine Care NHS Foundation […]

Rochdale Council Leader announces new ‘living wage’ for all Council workers and urges more employers to support campaign

Cllr Colin Lambert, Leader of Rochdale Borough Council said: “A fair day’s work for a fair day’s pay will be guaranteed for all staff at Rochdale Council”.

In line with his vision to promote a fairer and more equal society for the people of Rochdale, the minimum pay rate for council workers will now be […]


Emap has today announced a new content-led B2B exhibition: The Renewables Event. The show explores renewable energy solutions for major end users such as major corporations, manufacturers, retailers and the public sector. […]

The new City of Westminster Courts is nearing completion.

The building’s striking stone facades were revealed earlier this month and completion scheduled for the end of July. The building was designed by the Hurd Rolland Partnership and delivered by Laing O Rourke Plc for Her Majesty’s Courts and Tribunal Service. […]

Why We Need a Greater Diversity of Experts for Effective Public Dialogue

One of the key outcomes from the ‘Use of Experts’ workstream report was for the role of experts to be more carefully considered in the planning and delivery of public dialogues. This article looks at one aspect of that report – to advocate bringing in a greater number and diversity of experts in public dialogue and why that is becoming even more pertinent.In the public dialogues Sciencewise-ERC has funded and advised on, a sample of members of the public is asked to deliberate on an issue, exploring their hopes, fears and aspirations so that policy can be better informed by those views. […]

It's An Emergency – Quick Get On Your Bike!

The bobby on the bike is making a comeback as police forces ditch their panda cars and get peddling. Constabularies nationwide are fighting crime and costs with cycles. […]

Demand for ban on game bird cages

The government-appointed Working Group charged with setting rules for how ‘game birds’ will in future be produced for shooting has caused widespread dismay this week by publishing a Code of Practice that fails to outlaw the notorious battery cage for breeding birds. […]