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October 2019
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Fire Authority welcomes end to dispute

South Yorkshire Fire and Rescue Authority has today (March 5) welcomed the end to the industrial dispute over work hours. Chairman Cllr Jim Andrews says the Fire Authority is now looking forward to working with the management, unions and workforce to maintain and build on the -professional first class service provided to communities across South Yorkshire.

He said: -In situations like this there are always lessons to be learnt. Rest assured the Fire Authority will work with all interested parties to ensure the challenges we face in the future are tackled together.

-We will continue to take into account the views of those who work within the Fire Service and most importantly those whom we serve, the members of public in South Yorkshire.

Cllr Andrews added: -All future public service funding will face dramatic cuts over the coming years and the county’s Fire Service will not be exempt from this position. The Authority is now working hard to look into how savings can be made to cope with this change, without affecting services to the public.

The move to an 11 hour day and 13 hour night shift pattern will enable additional safety critical training to be delivered to firefighters and provide capacity for greater community fire safety work to take place across the county.

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