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October 2019
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Strange black aircraft – more sightings reported

We have received another report of mysterious low flying black aircraft, we reported other instances of these in the past, another was spotted yesterday near the Huddersfield on the Yorkshire and Lancashire border. It was described as being the size of a jumbo jet, matt black and hugging the hills at around one hundred feet from the ground.

One eye witness, who doesn’t want to be named, said she was convinced it was about to crash and pulled over on the hard shoulder of the motorway. She descibed it as a huge black craft, ” it was flying so low, much lower than i’m sure any aircraft would be allowed to fly, it was only feet above the hills and terrain, i was convinced it was about to crash, it wasn’t grey or green but pure matt black all over with no markings. It was totally weird.”

“It was a bright sunny day with clear blue sky and this should have made the colour more obvious but it was just pure black all over, i’m sure even the military are not allowed to fly that low over a populated area”.

A similar craft described as matt black and looking very much like a large cruise missile around the same area was spotted 12 months ago, Manchester air traffic control reported nothing on radar for that area.

If you have seen anything similar please contact our news section.

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