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July 2022
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Public Sector Work Is One Of UK's 'Best For Work-Life Balance' According To Graduates

Public sector industries are some of the best in Britain when it comes to a healthy work-life balance, according to a new poll of graduates. Confidential career review site asked 3000 graduates in their first three years of employment to score their company on a range of criteria including responsibility, progression opportunities, colleague interaction, training, work-life balance and benefits. Public sector industries came second overall for work-life balance and also scored particularly highly for colleague interaction, responsibility and role enjoyment. The results paint an upbeat image of public sector work and should tempt more university leavers into exploring careers in this sector in future. Network Rail topped the list for the industry with Tube Lines coming a close second and Transport for London third. Science and Technology Facilities Council, Defence, Science and Technology Laboratory, Civil Service Fast Stream and the Bank of England were also included in the list of the top 100 graduate employers. The vast majority of those polled (79%) said they would definitely choose to do the role again – which reflects extremely positively on their employers. A graduate on the Civil Service Fast Stream commented: -We’re given flexible working hours meaning you can get your work done when you’re at your most productive. There’s a friendly and relaxed atmosphere, my colleagues are great and I’ve already been given lots of training and development opportunities. A graduate from Defence, Science and Technology Laboratory added: -There is a real sense that the work you are doing really matters since you are working to support and inform major decisions that will make a huge impact on the UK.” Firms from 17 different industries were featured in the list which comprised of a mixture of established multinationals and smaller employers. The survey asked graduates about the realities of their day to day roles, rather than to predict how they believed the role would be, differing significantly from other graduate recruitment studies. Keren Mitchell, co-founder of, says the results show public sector work provides a great option for those keen to enjoy both time at work and an active social life. Mr Mitchell said: -The industry came second overall for work-life balance which shows that whilst the jobs are challenging, graduates are not expected to do excessive hours during the early years of their career. Public sector work also scored particularly highly for responsibility which shows graduates are allowed to really get stuck into their roles, learning new skills and taking on larger tasks as early as possible. We spoke to thousands of graduates and have found that public sector work as a whole featured great colleague relationships, fulfilling roles and real responsibility from day one, which will appeal to ambitious university leavers. Co-founder Natasha Freeman, says she hopes the information will provide greater insight for graduates set to enter the working world for the first time. Natasha said: -What we want to stress is that this is data collected from people actually doing the roles. All of the information was collected anonymously and therefore respondents gave a warts and all assessment of their employer and their role which we think will be invaluable to those planning their first steps in the working world. The full ratings for each transport company in the Top 100 guide can be viewed at: TOP 100 GUIDE

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