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June 2021
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Adoption of smart technology to help public sector weather the cuts

Paul Excel with the tabs app design award

Paul Excel with the tabs app design award

With technology’s ability to drive efficiencies, cut costs and improve scalability, flexibility, productivity and immediacy, adoption of new smart technologies is increasingly being cited as the antidote to the swathing cuts hitting the public sector. The government’s G-Cloud 7 digital marketplace, where such technology as multi-award winning tabs®( – the 24/7 mobile shift management solution, that can save 40% in recruitment and deployment time and costs, and is fully automated from shift alert, through acceptance and compliance to payroll and sign off – represents a seismic shift from 2010 where only 38% of the public sector were prepared to rely on such technologies, to 78% prepared to do so last year.

By the end of this year local governments will have seen their spending reduced by 35%, compared with 8% in education and a small but welcome 4% increase in health, some councils see a perfect storm on the horizon with an increasing need for elderly social care and yet ever decreasing budgets. That horizon seems primarily in focus in Metropolitan regions, with many urban local authorities stating they face a ‘tipping point’ by the end of 2016. Technology, like tabs® that truly can save local governments 40% in staff implementation, and even drastically reduce reliance on expensive recruitment agencies, could indeed help rebalance this tipping point.

Professional services leader, Grant Thornton’s ‘2016 Tipping Point Report’, the third annual financial health check of English local authorities, stated. “The majority of councils in the south east – with the exception of one single London borough – felt they will approaching a financial tipping point during 2016/17 and expected that to extend into 2018. Councils in the south west, Midlands and the north concurred. And while many local government leaders are realistic enough to accept the inevitability of the government’s funding policies, some commentators question the sustainability of the current funding model.”

PWC, another professional service giant say in their public sector blog. “The promise to free councils from their council tax caps if they agree to invest more in social care – though welcome – is not the long-term answer to making elderly care sustainable.  It will, however, offer some much-needed respite from the diet of cuts that the care sector has been experiencing – in the last year alone 3,000 care home beds have been lost with a ricochet felt in hospitals throughout the country.”tabs on phone

In essence the cuts, caps and increased pressure on the public sector will continue, forcing local government leaders to seek evermore creative ways to save money. And with pre-approved budget-saving technology, such as those on G-cloud 7 – tabs® in particular – the road to substantial savings is proving to be a digital one.

tabs® – described as “recruitment revolution” by one of the judges of the technology’s 5 awards and 8 nominations (in technology, app design, HR and business innovation) from across two continents – is wholly customisable and so can be deployed across the entire public sector, from social services to HR departments, health to emergency services, social care to education. With the ability to issue live 24/7 job alerts to permanent workforces and recruit temporary workers, freelancers and contractors via smart technology, tabs® is reactive to its users’ busiest periods, sickness and holiday cover on hour by hour basis.

Paul Excel previously Chief Technology Officer at BT and Chairman of Global iLabs, the makers of tabs® says, “The public sector and the NHS are under increasing budget pressures, but also facing an ever-growing need. tabs® represents a potential saving of millions for councils, the NHS and even the police, fire, emergency and prison services where staff are deployed around the clock and paid via the public purse.”

Greg Wixted MD of Global iLabs and Inventor in Chief of tabs® welcomes the opportunity show local authority and public sector leaders just how the solution will create huge savings. “The hundreds of hours of insight that defined in invention process of tabs® coupled with the cutting edge technology means it truly does impact positively on budgets. Our commitment to continually update our technology and offer that free of charge to our customers means that the savings tabs® offers will last a generation. ”

tabs® is a powerful yet simple mobile solution enabling live, fully automated staff deployment.

tabs® utilises smartphone technology via a dedicated app and web portal and is customisable for all businesses.

tabs® is more than just an app – it’s a complete end-to-end technology platform that saves time and money.

What are the benefits of tabs®?

  • Cost effective – reduces costs by up to 30%
  • Flexible – buy-out or opt-in service via subscription
  • Efficient – saves businesses up to 40% in man hours
  • Accessible – for anyone with mobile phone, tablet or laptop
  • Customisable – custom- built for your business needs
  • Scalable – for local, national and global businesses 

Who is tabs® for?

tabs® is specifically designed to recruit and deploy permanent and temporary shift workers, contractors, freelancers, on site or in the field. It works 24/7 across multi-site locations locally and nationally.

tabs® can be applied across social services, health, social care, finance, environmental services, education, call centres, transportation, food service, local government, police, emergency services, probation and prison services

What does tabs® do?

tabs® unique features include:

  • Live geo located search
  • Live rostering & schedule view
  • 24/7 issuing of shift requests
  • Live transport & route planner
  • Acceptance via smartphones
  • Manages payroll & invoicing data
  • Compliance document management
  • In-app compliance revalidation
  • AWR, WTR, holiday & sickness pay calculation
  • Automated timesheet sign-off
  • Comprehensive reporting tools
  • Social media integration

New features of tabs® are regularly developed to ensure it remains at the cutting edge of technological advancements. These innovations are offered free to customers

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