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May 2022
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GPSJ Reader comments

“Regarding the article ‘it’s raining again….’, in the Government & Public Sector Journal: I agree with you 100% and I am doing all I can. We must keep up the pressure and you can count on my continued support.”
Tony Benn


“I agree that a good deal of the blame for recent flooding lies upon those who have allowed poorly sited and poorly executed development to reduce the capacity of the land (and rivers) to absorb heavy rainfall. As to climate change I’m not to certain. There have been many very large climate changes in the past and I do not know that when the world was warmer it was worse. As to my wood – although it is lost to me it is, I think in good hands and will be there for others (especially the non-humans) to enjoy.”
Lord Tebbit – The Mail On Sunday


“I read the journal with interest. I enclose a copy of a briefing on the environment for your interest from the CPRE. I would say that this reflects my general views, i.e. that government policy is right, but more needs to be done to implement it.”
Phil Woolas MP


“You make some very interesting points, which we’ll certainly bear in mind during future policy discussions.”
Rt Hon Charles Kennedy MP


“I enjoyed the article. Well, Lord Tebbit will never agree to anything that challenges raw capitalism.”
Polly Toynbee – The Guardian


“Your comments in the Government & Public Sector Journal on the spread of foot and mouth and the environment have been carefully noted.”
William Hague