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December 2009
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A six-month project to barcode the mechanical and electrical components of every bridge, road underpass, pedestrian subway and tunnel in the City of Westminster has just been launched. Multi-disciplined service provider FM Conway, working on behalf of the council, is currently in the process of attaching the 20,000 barcodes, similar to those found on food packaging, to thousands of components. […]

Feeling the squeeze?

Melanie Teal, Chief Executive of The Consortium, the UK’s largest independent provider of school supplies, with over 30,000 products from school stationery to school furniture, looks at how resource budgets can be consolidated and money can be saved how this can benefit the whole school or college. […]

Is your RFP fit for purpose..?

In our experience only 1 in 50 RFPs (Requests for Pricing) in the network and applications technology space calls specifically for performance testing to be part of the package. The rest focuses attention in detailing the product requirements, which will only answers the questions -What does your device do? and -What is its functionality?, not -Will it work with my network requirements? […]

Is the healthcare industry entering the perfect storage storm?

As we head into 2010 the healthcare sector is facing many challenges. Not only are budgets being cut but many institutions are faced with growing customer numbers. This means more customer data to manage. Sophisticated technology is also adding to the problem. […]

Efficiency through Flexibility

The news that council chiefs are set to quit amid budget and pension plan changes (Financial Times, Council Chiefs Set to Quit as Cuts Bite, 11 November issue) brings into the spotlight once more the issue of attracting the best and most qualified staff to senior roles when remuneration alone will not cut it. […]

Agency nurses – whats the problem?

Many agency nurses, who are an essential function of the NHS, are often treated as -second class citizens- something that needs to change to ensure maximum standards of care. That’s the message from the nurses we’ve surveyed at Arrows Group. […]

Maximising Asset Value in the NHS

NHS Trusts have come under increasing pressure to improve the management of several £100m of assets, from medical equipment onwards, in order to reduce spiralling litigation claims and deliver far greater accountability. But with information stored not only by Finance within the capital asset register but also duplicated across Medical Equipment and Estates departments, attaining a single view of asset history, including location, maintenance and value is impossible. […]


AS the world of primary medical care advances into the 21st century, few companies have done more to change the face of the industry than Telehealth Solutions Limited. The progressive firm, established in 2006, has made it its mission to provide a remote monitoring service for patients across the UK. […]

Delivering diplomas: Digital dilemmas

Education is being reformed through various initiatives, and the Government’s flagship vocational qualification, the 14 – 19 diploma is playing a key role in the process. […]

Public sector should wise up and take the social media plunge

With the uptake of social media initiatives in the UK public sector lagging behind other European countries, what steps can this sector take to manage the associated risks and step up a gear? […]

The Future for Public Sector Funding -Surviving the Storm

The UK public sector is facing its most serious funding challenge for many years. Given the state of the public finances, major spending cuts are inevitable or costs will spiral out of control. While this is starting to be recognised at all levels, there is no clear roadmap of how to get there. […]

Chartered Management Institute (CMI)

In the wake of a report commissioned by the Government blaming the UK’s business leaders for low levels of staff engagement, employers working within local Government are being warned not to use the recession as an excuse for failing to acknowledge the efforts of their employees over the festive period. […]

Should the military be more involved in protecting the internet

Today, Symantec, the world’s leading software security company, will advise the UK Parliament on the EU’s policy on protecting European governments from large scale cyber attacks against critical infrastructure. […]


The National Heritage Debate on 2nd December was hosted by the former Heritage Link- after announcing the new name and introducing a new Chair- Loyd Grossman. The audience represented the wide range of heritage organisations all of whom have benefited from the umbrella of the organisation and its success. […]