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September 2010
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How many police officers does it take to email 10,000 criminal records to a journalist by accident?

A simple mistake caused by the recipient auto-complete function within an email client resulted in Gwent Police committing what has been referred to as the first major UK data security breach since the new regulations introduced by the Information Commissioner’s Office came into force in April this year. […]

Low carbon hemp house put to the test

A consortium, led by the BRE1 Centre for Innovative Construction Materials based at the University, has constructed a small building on the Claverton campus out of hemp-lime to test its properties as a building material. Called the -HemPod, this one-storey building has highly insulating walls made from the chopped woody core, or shiv, of the industrial hemp plant mixed with a specially developed lime-based binder. […]


Commenting on an attack by the TaxPayers Alliance on Police Community Support Officers, based on North Wales police unsolved crime figures, UNISON National Officer for Police Staff, Ben Priestley, said: […]

Custody Sergeant sentenced

-Following an incident that occurred within the custody suite at Melksham Police Station in Wiltshire 2 years ago a 57year old woman prisoner sustained an injury to her face. The court was told at an earlier hearing that on 4th July 2008 the woman had been taken to the Police Station after being arrested for failure to provide a breath test. […]

Man sentenced after one-punch death

A 22-year-old man has admitted throwing the single punch that led to an Oldham man’s death. […]


Debbie Bailey and John Starkey who run the Tennyson Lane Road Farm Horse and Pony Shelter at Middleton, Greater Manchester, say they have been overwhelmed at the kindness shown to them since the sadistic torture of ‘Sidney’ the goat. […]

Miliband tells GPSJ – I feel sick about what the government has done to our schools

David Miliband has told GPSJ that he ‘feels sick’ about what the government has done to the ‘Building for Schools’ program and sais he felt it was ‘absolute vandalism’ in an interview with editor Stuart Littleford. Speaking at a party meeting in Manchester Mr Milliband also said that ‘New Labour’ wasn’t new any more and labour politics needed re-inventing and what really mattered was the substance. […]

Pet goat tortured in brutal and sickening attack

A pet goat has had its horns ripped from its head and left in agony with broken and dislocated legs in what is being described as a barbaric and sickening attack. The goat known as ‘Sid’ was attacked late on Thursday night and found in his field early on Friday morning in agony. […]

Nineteenth Century technology could save Councils millions by reducing their electricity costs

Jobs are being lost that could be saved - one local authority employee said. -We’ve had energy efficiency proposals sat on our desk for two and a half years. If we’d actioned them, we could have kept the key staff members we’re about to loose. Considering all of this this, it is surprising how few energy efficiency measures have actually been deployed. So what barriers are making it hard for the public sector to act? […]

Having your photo taken – is it right up your street?

You’re out in the street and someone takes your photo without asking. What can you do? And do you have any control over what they do with that image? […]