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October 2010
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Fire Alarm Notification for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing uses ProcessFlows SMS Technology

The ProcessFlows Text Message Server (TMS) platform was chosen by Fireco, manufacturers and installers of wireless fire safety products, as the text messaging gateway for their new Deaf Message Service (DMS) fire notification solution for the deaf and hard of hearing. […]

Government Must Look to Procurement to Avoid Frontline Cuts

Procurement specialist xynergie has called for Government savings announced in the Spending Review [Oct 20th 2010] to be achieved through improving procurement efficiencies, rather than by cutting frontline services. […]

Third Horizon Perspective

The emerging agreements as part of the spending review set out a clear financial expectation (required quantum and phasing of spending reduction). The challenge is to commute the expectation into practice without an unnecessary degradation in ‘front-line services’. Third Horizon experience confirms the following will be necessary: […]

Improved IT attracts students looking for access to the best resources

With over 22,000 students, 800 teaching staff and 800 visiting lecturers, the University of Westminster prides itself on the ability to offer the best resources to facilitate learning. Undergraduates make up 75 per cent of students and more than 5,000 are international students from over 150 countries. Westminster is in the top 15 of most popular UK universities for international students and continuing to attract over-seas students is an important business driver for the organisation. […]

Two Manchester businesswomen launch a one stop shop for the Public Sector

The northern launch of took place at the city of Manchester stadium in October. The business, ambitiously described as, -the best thing to happen to the public sector this year, marks a new era of co-operation and collaboration which will help safeguard the future of public services by encouraging them to change practices and performance, and by connecting skills, experience and contacts. […]

National security strategy emphasises need for coordinated approach to counter-terrorism

London, 18 Oct 2010 – Britain has published it’s National Security Strategy (NSS) which aims to inform thinking and drive policy over coming years. The document categorises threats faced by the nation in tiers highlighting the level of severity, outlines actions to be taken to mitigate such threats and formed the background to the Strategic Defence Review (SDR). […]