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March 2019
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How long will it take to be Digital by Default?

With the digital by default agenda moving more services online, the Government aims to save between £1.7 and £1.8 billion a year. However, is the infrastructure in place to support this move, both from the provider and the user perspective? And how are CIOs preparing for these 2015 targets?

CIOs across the country are […]

Keeping your staff's personal information safe online

Keeping your staff’s personal information safe onlineMedia law expert Cleland Thom warns of the dangers of mixing business with pleasure […]

Low carbon hemp house put to the test

A consortium, led by the BRE1 Centre for Innovative Construction Materials based at the University, has constructed a small building on the Claverton campus out of hemp-lime to test its properties as a building material. Called the -HemPod, this one-storey building has highly insulating walls made from the chopped woody core, or shiv, of the industrial hemp plant mixed with a specially developed lime-based binder. […]

NHS Borders

The NHS Borders cover a large rural area in Southern Scotland. The Trust is centred on Borders General Hospital, Roxburghshire, which employs over 1,000 people and serves as a community hospital for the central Borders, with a catchment of some 100,000 resid […]