April 2024


How the Met Office Streamlined their Staffing Management issues with Matrix Workforce Management Solutions

Introduction: In 2021, the Met Office faced significant challenges in efficiently managing their agency staff utilisation and controlling their annual spend of approximately £12.5 million. With critical staffing requirements to meet and a lack of structured approach, they turned to Matrix workforce management company for solutions. This case study explores the initial challenges and the transformative solutions introduced through the partnership established via the MSTAR3 Framework.

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The Problem: The Met Office struggled to ensure the right personnel were in place to meet their critical staffing needs, resulting in cost inefficiencies and difficulties in swiftly filling interim roles. With a need for 100 active placements, managing agency staff effectively was paramount to their operations and budget control.

The Solution: Matrix introduced a neutral vendor delivery model to streamline staffing management and control costs effectively. Key solutions included:

• Establishment of a closed preferred supplier list (PSL) to engage highly qualified and reliable suppliers for interim roles

• Enrolment of a wide range of suppliers in the extended supply chain to ensure a diverse pool of talents while maintaining high-quality staffing

• Implementation of budget adherence measures to improve control over the annual spend, ensuring financial stability

The Outcome: The partnership between Matrix and the Met Office, facilitated through the MSTAR3 framework, has brought about a transformation in staffing management, cost control, and service quality. This has enabled the Met Office to meet its staffing requirements effectively and efficiently, allowing them to focus on core activities.

The Results:

• Over £700k in savings achieved through streamlined processes and cost-effective staffing solutions

• 636+ placements made, ensuring critical positions were promptly filled

• Average of 26 candidates per order, providing a diverse talent pool to meet various staffing needs

• 98.6% fulfilment rate, ensuring continuity in operations and service delivery

• Increased supply chain by 400%, enhancing flexibility and access to talent

Conclusion: Through strategic partnership and innovative solutions, Matrix has enabled the Met Office to overcome staffing challenges, control costs, and improve service quality. The success of this collaboration highlights the effectiveness of the MSTAR3 framework in driving transformation and delivering tangible results. As the Met Office continues to evolve, Matrix remains committed to supporting its staffing needs and facilitating operational excellence.

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