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March 2019
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Public Sector Work Is One Of UK's 'Best For Work-Life Balance' According To Graduates

Confidential career review site asked 3000 graduates in their first three years of employment to score their company on a range of criteria including responsibility, progression opportunities, colleague interaction, training, work-life balance and benefits. […]

Care homes must not be 'islands of the old' says new report

Care homes will play an ever-increasing role in supporting older people in the future yet are being held back by a culture of – negativity and – stigma felt by both care workers and older people. […]


Chris Hardy, McAfee UK public sector, comments below in response to the recent PwC report which highlights the growing threat to the public sector posed by cybercrime. The risk is clearly heightened by the amount and nature of data held by governments, and the damage to public trust and confidence which would result from a large breach. […]


Emap has today announced a new content-led B2B exhibition: The Renewables Event. The show explores renewable energy solutions for major end users such as major corporations, manufacturers, retailers and the public sector. […]

Environmental Enforcement ' Looking to the Private Sector

July 2010 saw Maidstone Council embark on a year-long trial initiative with the Xfor Group, a local authority support services provider, in order to supplement its existing environmental enforcement team. Xfor’s Michael Fisher looks at how the initiative has fared. […]

What customer-centricity really means and why it matters so much

More than thirty years of earning my living from trying to help people forge better relationships with their customers has convinced me that if we’re to get better at dealing with customers in our professional lives, we need to improve how we communicate with and relate to people in all areas of our lives. […]

An interview with Mark Hunter MP

Mark Hunter MP ( Cheadle) speaks about the economy, VAT increase, child grooming and more.

Government Must Look to Procurement to Avoid Frontline Cuts

Procurement specialist xynergie has called for Government savings announced in the Spending Review [Oct 20th 2010] to be achieved through improving procurement efficiencies, rather than by cutting frontline services. […]

National security strategy emphasises need for coordinated approach to counter-terrorism

London, 18 Oct 2010 – Britain has published it’s National Security Strategy (NSS) which aims to inform thinking and drive policy over coming years. The document categorises threats faced by the nation in tiers highlighting the level of severity, outlines actions to be taken to mitigate such threats and formed the background to the Strategic Defence Review (SDR). […]

Having your photo taken – is it right up your street?

You’re out in the street and someone takes your photo without asking. What can you do? And do you have any control over what they do with that image? […]


Residential Management Group (RMG) has worked successfully with staff and residents of Rosebery Housing Association Limited in Surrey to procure cleaning and grounds maintenance services that deliver real value for money, helping to make savings of 11 per cent for residents. […]

@Tweeting to the masses

Social media has taken the world by storm. More specifically, Twitter, with its simplicity and powerful outreach, has rapidly grown in popularity and usage. With the general election looming and public sector budgets tighter than ever, Adrian Moss, head of Web 2.0 at Parity, discusses the benefits of social media and how new communication mediums can be used effectively to engage voters, disseminate information and create an affinity with communities further and wider than previously possible. […]

NHS spending on temporary workers far from wasteful' – de Poel

The cost-saving consultancy, who manage the supply of agency workers to several leading care organisations, rebuked the claims made by the Tories, suggesting that temporary workers were crucial during 2009 to keep services running. […]

Another Fine Mess?

The recent announcement that CCTV images can now be used as evidence in the issuing of parking fines is of consequence to every local authority. Colin Forrest, Mail Creation Product Manager, Pitney Bowes discusses the extra burden that this ‘remote enforcement’ will place on councils. […]