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March 2010
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Taxpayers foot the bill for catalogue of errors on new Fire HQs

A Labour-dominated Select Committee has today slammed Labour Ministers for their botched plans to regionalise the fire service. It declares that the project has -been inadequately planned, poorly executed, and badly managed and a -catalogue of poor judgement and mismanagement. […]

Software sniffs out criminals by the shape of their nose

Forget iris and fingerprint scans, scanning noses could be a quicker and easier way to verify a person’s identity, according to scientists at the University of Bath. With worries about illegal immigration and identity theft, authorities are increasingly looking to using an individual’s physical characteristics, known as biometrics, to confirm their identity. […]

Woman who lied about being raped sentenced

A woman who sparked a rape investigation after claiming to have been attacked by two men has been sentenced. Sarah Wood, of Romford Close, Oldham, admitted perverting the course of justice at an earlier hearing. […]


Robert Napier, Chairman of the Homes and Communities Agency (HCA), visited Merseyside this week to see the positive impact the Agency’s investment is having in the area and to assess what still needs to be done. […]

@Tweeting to the masses

Social media has taken the world by storm. More specifically, Twitter, with its simplicity and powerful outreach, has rapidly grown in popularity and usage. With the general election looming and public sector budgets tighter than ever, Adrian Moss, head of Web 2.0 at Parity, discusses the benefits of social media and how new communication mediums can be used effectively to engage voters, disseminate information and create an affinity with communities further and wider than previously possible. […]

Commission to put police forces on notice over stop and search tactics

The Equality and Human Rights Commission is to write to the police forces with the most disproportionate use of stop and search tactics to raise its concerns over possible breaches of the Race Relations Act. The Commission today published a comprehensive review into the use of stop and search across England and Wales, which concludes that a number of forces are using the tactics in a way that is disproportionate and possibly discriminatory. […]

HMRC ' Structure and speed can achieve Strathie's vision

Lesley Strathie, Permanent Secretary at HMRC, responded to the recent review from the Cabinet Office with a spirited defence of her leadership team and the changes they have already made to improve processes and structures within the organisation. […]

The value of consulting

There has never been a time when leaders, managers and businesspeople have not sought and obtained advice from external experts. Modern capitalism and the development of a welfare state increased this requirement for additional support. […]


Living up to its reputation as a specialist in the field of leadership and learning development, pearcemayfield, has launched an audio series on the 2009 edition of project management method PRINCE2. […]

Public Health Wales ' a new body to tackle the public health problems of the Principality

Public Health Wales, established as a new NHS Trust in October 2009, was set up to provide professionally independent public health advice and services to protect and improve the health and wellbeing of the population of Wales.1 […]

Police Federation's anger at planned release of police killer

This week there is a very real chance that Egon Von Bulow, who shot dead Surrey Constabulary’s PC John Schofield in 1974 and shot and injured two of his colleagues, may be released, as he has been cleared for release by the parole board. […]

Strange black aircraft – more sightings reported

We have received another report of mysterious low flying black aircraft, we reported other instances of these in the past, another was spotted yesterday near the Huddersfield on the Yorkshire and Lancashire border. It was described as being the size of a jumbo jet, matt black and hugging the hillsides at around one hundred feet from the ground. […]

Fire Authority welcomes end to dispute

South Yorkshire Fire and Rescue Authority has today (March 5) welcomed the end to the industrial dispute over work hours. Chairman Cllr Jim Andrews says the Fire Authority is now looking forward to working with the management, unions and workforce to maintain and build on the -professional first class service provided to communities across South Yorkshire. […]


In a country that boasts some seven hundred listed learned and professional societies, including over thirty bearing the prefix ‘Royal’, it is not likely to excite the attention of the general readership to learn that there is such a society committed to antiquarian clocks. However, it may well come as something of a surprise for them to know that there is an organisation in the United Kingdom that is devoted to the study of sundials, namely the British Sundial Society. […]