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April 2019
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Budget 2014: UK Companies get Tax Relief and Export Boost

Insped Truck

Budget 2014 – UK Companies to get Tax Relief and Export Boost ‘The Government wants UK Exports to reach £1 trillion by 2020, and for 100,000 more UK companies to be exporting by 2020. ‘We need our businesses to export more, build more, invest more and manufacture more.’ – George Osborne, Chancellor […]

Budget comment: more action on housing and growth needed

Mayor Jules Pipe, Chair of London Councils

Mayor Jules Pipe, Chair of London Councils said: “The Chancellor’s statement is inadequate in the context of London’s housing crisis. However, finally there is recognition of the acute challenges London is facing. The capital’s population is set to increase to over nine million by 2021, meaning 800,000 […]

UK legislation available digitally for the first time

Imprima, the UK’s leading virtual data room and financial documents provider, has been appointed by HS2 Ltd, wholly owned by the Department for Transport, to provide an online payment portal and USB-archived database containing Environmental Statement for the High Speed Rail 2 (HS2) project.

In a unique appointment, Imprima was chosen to enable […]

Ali or Foreman?

Date: October 30th 1974

Venue: The 20th May Stadium, Kinshasa, Zaire

At stake: The heavyweight championship of the world

One of the most eagerly anticipated and talked about boxing matches of all time ‘The Rumble in the Jungle’. George Foreman, strong and aggressive did his talking in the […]

Ipswitch File Transfer technology adopted by TFL

Transport for London

Ipswitch File Transfer, a provider of secure Managed File Transfer solutions has won a contract with Transport for London (TfL), to help govern and secure business information workflow between employees, customers and external partners working together to manage the city’s transport systems.

Ipswitch File Transfer technology is used by TfL employees […]

Organisational Performance Management in Public Service

Graham Manville

For many years the Third Sector was the Cinderella of the economy with the private sector and public sector basking in the spotlight and attracting the top talent. During the past 15 years, however, there has been a drive for the Third Sector to play a larger role in public service delivery. […]

Chronic underinvestment in UK infrastructure claims MCA

UK infrastructure is a paradox. We have world-renowned capabilities in architecture, engineering and construction. Yet, with some exceptions, like the Olympics and Crossrail, our record at creating business, service and communications infrastructure is a best indifferent. There is chronic underinvestment. We need to spend around £500bn to bring the UK’s transport, energy and telecoms networks […]

Police swamped by child sex abuse images say experts

Despite advances in IT technology and millions of pounds spent every year on fighting child sex abuse images online, some experts say police forces in the UK and worldwide are now “swamped” by the sheer scale of the problem. […]


During the final quarter of 2012, temporary labour usage among Local Authorities decreased by only 0.1%, when compared to the same period in 2011. The minor decrease shown in Comensura’s Government Index was the lowest quarterly decrease in 2012 and signals a trend for minor increases of up to 2% in temporary labour usage in 2013. […]

Public Sector Work Is One Of UK's 'Best For Work-Life Balance' According To Graduates

Confidential career review site asked 3000 graduates in their first three years of employment to score their company on a range of criteria including responsibility, progression opportunities, colleague interaction, training, work-life balance and benefits. […]

UK Q3 GDP: Golden Olympic recovery

-The ONS’ preliminary estimate of Q3 GDP showed the economy grew by a huge 1.0%, ending the UK’s longest double-dip recession since the Second World War in sensational style. Year on year growth rose from -0.5% to flat. The results are significantly stronger than the 0.6% consensus estimates, and our own estimate of 0.5%. […]

Do your homework on home working, says Performance Telecom

The concept of home working is coming back to the top of the agenda this summer with many organisations being encouraged to give staff the flexibility to stay away from the office in order to reduce pressure on transport systems during the Olympics. […]

Comment on the UK economy

-The Office for National Statistics (ONS) estimates that the UK economy has contracted by 0.7% in the three months to June 2012. The estimate confirms that the UK is now in its third quarter of its double-dip recession, making it the longest double-dip recession since records began. Compared to a year earlier, the national income is down 0.8%, but the cumulative decline in real GDP during this recession is just shy of 1.4%. […]


Governments across the world can be a traditional conservative affair. Our models of teaching, nursing, policing, justice and welfare are a hundred or more years old; the structures, power centres, laws and management models to control the state have barely changed in decades; the evolution of Departments, Councils and services might be measured in geological terms. One could be forgiven for thinking the way we govern and manage today is unquestionable, a fundamental truth, fait accompli, so what is this whisper of revolution? […]