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June 2019
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Public Sector Media Relations Post Leveson

The investigation into phone hacking at the News of the World and the general culture and ethics of the British media, ‘The Leveson Inquiry’, should conclude with a report in the Autumn. Public hearings are expected to run on into the Summer with the next high profile phase focused on the relationship between the press and politicians, as we have seen with the prime minister and other senior political figures giving evidence recently. […]

Webasto Heats Boss Cabin's Big Space

World-leading manufacturer of automotive, CV and marine heating, cooling and ventilation systems specialist Webasto has been selected by Boss Cabins to provide diesel powered interior heating for their new -Big Space- towable welfare cabin. […]

Poppy thief jailed for 52 weeks

A THIEF, who stole Poppy Appeal tins in the run up to Armistice Day, has been jailed for 52 weeks. […]

Ex-serviceman was assaulted for wearing a Royal Air Force jacket.

A 69-year-old ex-serviceman was assaulted for wearing a Royal Air Force jacket. , […]

Keeping your staff's personal information safe online

Keeping your staff’s personal information safe onlineMedia law expert Cleland Thom warns of the dangers of mixing business with pleasure […]

Third Horizon Perspective

The emerging agreements as part of the spending review set out a clear financial expectation (required quantum and phasing of spending reduction). The challenge is to commute the expectation into practice without an unnecessary degradation in ‘front-line services’. Third Horizon experience confirms the following will be necessary: […]

National security strategy emphasises need for coordinated approach to counter-terrorism

London, 18 Oct 2010 – Britain has published it’s National Security Strategy (NSS) which aims to inform thinking and drive policy over coming years. The document categorises threats faced by the nation in tiers highlighting the level of severity, outlines actions to be taken to mitigate such threats and formed the background to the Strategic Defence Review (SDR). […]

I2 Marriage made in Heaven

What do you get when the worlds leading analysis and data software provider merges with a leading open source intelligence research institute? Hopefully an even more successful business providing data faster and more accurately to its service users. At least that is the outcome i2 CEO Robert Griffin is hoping for as he heralded the group’s newly formed partnership with risk intelligence specialists World Check at its Brussels client conference in June. […]

DVD 2010 returns to Millbrook in June

DVD 2010, Defence Equipment & Support’s (DE&S) stakeholder event for the land and supply chain communities in the defence sector, will take place on June 23 and 24, at Millbrook, Bedfordshire. […]

@Tweeting to the masses

Social media has taken the world by storm. More specifically, Twitter, with its simplicity and powerful outreach, has rapidly grown in popularity and usage. With the general election looming and public sector budgets tighter than ever, Adrian Moss, head of Web 2.0 at Parity, discusses the benefits of social media and how new communication mediums can be used effectively to engage voters, disseminate information and create an affinity with communities further and wider than previously possible. […]

Strange black aircraft – more sightings reported

We have received another report of mysterious low flying black aircraft, we reported other instances of these in the past, another was spotted yesterday near the Huddersfield on the Yorkshire and Lancashire border. It was described as being the size of a jumbo jet, matt black and hugging the hillsides at around one hundred feet from the ground. […]

Why backhanders and brown envelopes are not best for defence businesses

With the perception that bribery in some countries is as commonplace and accepted a practice as bartering, why should any change of law in Britain affect how business is conducted overseas? John Burbidge-King, anti-corruption expert and CEO of Interchange, explains how the forthcoming Bribery Bill will be a wake-up call to those involved in arranging defence contracts at home and abroad. […]


Police in Oldham have raised £3,681 for men and women injured while serving with the armed forces by giving shoppers a little extra help at the checkout. Officers and Police Community Support Officers took part in a bag-packing event on Thursday 3 December to raise money for the Help for Heroes charity. […]

ESRI (UK) Launches New Version of CrimeAnalyst

ESRI (UK) has just launched the latest version of CrimeAnalyst, a complete Geographic Information System (GIS) analysis software package for policing and crime prevention. Developed with direct feedback from users, CrimeAnalyst 2.0 enables analysts to manage the increasing demands placed upon them by automating routine tasks and providing new powerful tools that allow them to conduct more in-depth analysis. […]